- We offer co-operation on replacement of old installed equipment on equipment at substations of Ukraine with new equipment produced at your factory. We have a large database of documentation for old, end-of-life equipment, and we will adapt your products to replace the old.

- Design of substation equipment in accordance with the technical specifications.

- Design documentation for the manufacture of electrical equipment.

- 3-D models, product drawings, BOM.

- Preparation of technical documentation for participation in tenders.

- Preparation of preliminary standards for material consumption for cost calculation..

- Consulting on projects.

..since August 1998


Area of activity:

- Design of low-voltage, middle-voltage and high-voltage electrical equipment of substations for voltages of 0.4 - 220 kV.
- Development of working documentation in accordance with the technological capabilities of the plant.
- Preparation of preliminary technical documentation for participation in tenders for the supply of equipment.
- Consultations on project approvals.
- Supporting the production of equipment at the plant.


- Switchgear for indoor and outdoor installation for voltages of 6, 10, 20, 35 kV.
- Air-insulated secondary switchgear AIS for voltages 6, 10 kV.
- Complete transformer substations CTS for voltage 10 - 220 kV.
- Disconnectors for voltage 0.4 ... 220 kV.
- Drive to disconnectors.
- Replacement of withdrawable elements and switches in existing switchgear (Retrofit).
- Low-voltage switchgear switchgear for voltage 0.4 kV.
- DC switchgear RU-600.